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That's right, if you aren't sure what is, it's a site where you can set your account to automatically upvote your favorite people on Steemit! This is good for a number of reasons, not to mention you get curation rewards for your upvotes.

So, how do you get set for us to automatically upvote you? I'm am going to make you a killer offer, and do watch the video, because it explains it in more detail! All you have to do is come to the Steem Creators Conference, and purchase a discounted ticket at $125 (instead of $149). I have only 18 of them left. So, grab them quick! Here is the link, and the list of what you get is below!

Here's the list of what you receive!

  1. 1 ticket to the Steem Creators Conference!
  2. An auto up vote from me @thehoneys for one whole month!
  3. An auto up vote from my husband @eventspeaker for one whole month!
  4. I will donate 1 steem in your Steem Username to @steembasicincome (this is an autoupvote for life, because you are getting a share! VERY COOL!).
  5. You will HAVE FUN!!
  6. A personal one on one business strategy session (like the one we did for @FreedomExists live on his WhaleShares radio show).

The Location Supports A Great Cause!
87 Elm St, Toronto, ON M5G 0A8, Canada
Tickets Start At $149 (but, I have 18 tickets for $125 so get them today!!)
Reserve Your Spot Today, and join the community!!
Or if you prefer PayPal
Or, I will take 100 steem to @thehoneys!!

We will be Joined by
@pmartynov - Pavel Martynov - Creator of the app Steepshot
@coruscate - Lea Thompson
@joeparys - Joe Parys
@reseller - Chris Avalos - Sida Wang - Creator of Partiko
@kenmelendez - Ken Melendez
@happymoneyman - Brandon Parker
@ogc - Carly
@freedompoint - The Yeti
@freedomtowrite - Stacy D
@jongolson - Jon Olson
@rhondak - Rhonda Kay
@instructor2121 - Rick
@thehoneys - Amy Honey
@eventspeaker - Jamie Honey
@larrymorrison - Larry Morrison
@steemcafe - IJ Maha

Find us on Discord at thehoneys#6857
Or find us on Facebook at

Check out The Honey DARE

Amy Honey

Jamie Honey


My video is at DLive


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Was asked to join also, but there wasn't a way to change my schedule. Look forward to hearing what you think of the event.


It's amazing! We went to the one in Vegas. TOTALLY FUN! TOTALLY WORTH IT! Would have loved to have met you in person!!


Hoping that the next one works out better timing wise. Also would love to meet you at some point. Notice you come and go from the Midwest a bunch, where are you based out of?

Awesome post. You both are crushing it. If you have the chance go see the Honeys & so many other great Steem users at the Steem Creators Conference.

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Upvoted from the whaleshares show


Love the whaleshares show! Can't wait for launch!!

AMAZING!! sur-2.png


I hope to get to meet you in person in Toronto!!! :)

You guys are amazing! Im glad you shared this. Easy follow!


I hope we get the chance to meet you in person! Love the community here!

It's amazing @thehoneys, you are contributing @pifc week 19

PRICES HAVE CHANGED TO 0.150 and 0.151!!!

Current price is 0.150 or 0.151 SBD for 200%, 250%, or 300% upvote based on tier level.

200% ($0.30) - Bronze Level - No requirements
250% ($0.37) - Silver Level - SteemAuto Upvote of 100% or $0.02 (whichever is possible)
300% ($0.45) - Gold Level - SteemAuto Upvote of 100% or $0.02 AND 50 SP delegation

All delegators make a "striking" return on your investment!
50 SP --- 100 SP --- 200 SP --- 500 SP --- 1000 SP

That being said...


The ground shakes as incredible power lights the sky. The thunder tests the quality of your post and deems it worthy, rewarding it with an upvote and comment from @thundercurator.

Investors who delegate SP to @thundercurator are entitled to 75% of @thundercurator income after curation. Get on-board early and grow with us!