You should switch to VIMM or DTUBE. Did you read the new DLive announcement?

I'm doing this one last time then experimenting with streaming to both to see what's best I don't like picking sides I like seeing opportunity. But the way Dlive kinda bailed like that out of the blue did piss me off.

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DLive has abandoned the Steem blockchain!

As you may have seen in DLive's post they are abandoning the Steem blockchain. @dlivecommunity does not condone this action and would ask you to reconsider your streaming options. Please take a look at Steem friendly options like or to continue receiving rewards on the Steem blockchain.


@dlivecommunity is a community project built to help streamers navigate their way through @dlive and the overall Steem ecosystem. We are not affiliated with @dlive.

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