Hello From Paris! [Live]

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It'sour 3rd day in Paris France! @karensuestudios and I are enjoying it so much that we are having a hard time trying to fit in some live stream.

Paris is such a nice city with so many fun things to do and see!

We use joicaster to broadcast simultaneously on Facebook and Dlive!


Click on the image to join our live stream!


We had issues with joicaster and it restarted our livestream impromptuously. We'll try again tomorrow, it's 2am here.

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Thank @skyleap for this awesome gif!

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Greetings, Teamsteem and Karen

Nice couple you guys form. They match a lot. I always see the happiness you two have together, both in the pictures and in the videos.

Nice trip to Paris. I have not made any international trip, because I have no money for this hahaha. But when I do, I want to get to know Paris too.

Enjoy the croissants, and if you see Zinedine Zidane, say hi to him for me, please.

Thank you and good night!!!!!

"Always happy" :)

Travelling and having fun is good, you enjoy your trip, I am upvoting my comment so it comes up, so you can see I really went through your post and discovered many things, I am not selfish please! Talking about steemchat I am using it too, have tested it's messenger and is great sent a few messages to people, why don't steem community just add it directly in everyones profile? Would be great.


I think so too!


This is one of the things that makes one happy. When you leave a comment on one of the steem great and they respond, what more Joy can one have on the platform, I am super glad you responded @teamsteem, feels like I just won a lottery Yeah!

Hi guys! How is France tonight??
I do hope all is well!!

But which City are you there??

the romantic city! for sure with a lot to enjoy, even so they take the time to share it with us, it's wonderful!

Really love pars so much. Ever dream come true. I still working on it to bring my family there. Especially eiffel tower.

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As they say, "From Paris With Love"

Lolzzz... Watching you live steem...

Paris is beautiful city , enjoy your visit in paris

Live from Paris, city of love, lock bridge, white dove. Oh Paris, Oh Paris, you say so much with so few words, you sing love songs but lines blurred, thicke like Robin....Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse, Nice, Nantes,Strasbourg, Montpellier. I want to see it all, live from Paris - powered by Steem, love, community, crypto - and all of the above. Oh Paris. Oh Paris. I hope to see you soon like @teamsteem.


The eiffel tower is really beautiful!! i'm glad for you both <3

I newer was in Paris. Yet :)
I heard, this city is the city of surrealism. At day, looks like an average european metropolis with some nice places, and cool stuff, for example the Eiffel-tower.

And when the night arrived, and the lights are changed, the "magic" is coming, and if you have a sense for that, you can see the city of romance and happyness.

I dont know, i just heard this.
Maybe i have to make my own trip, and check, what is the truth :D

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