Our Last Full Day In Nice France!

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We spend a couple hours at the beach and we also returned to that antic market which is actually a food market 6 days out of 7.

We're heading back out for a late dinner as they are used too here in France. Most restaurants open at 7pm or even later.

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So sweet both of you.I pray you stay together this way and enjoy your life.Wish you all the best.

@teamsteem Enjoy your this last day at France. I am sure you enjoyed a lot here.

Very good that you enjoyed the trip.

Look fantastic both of you. Keep it together long long time. Wish you all the best

glad you enjoyed your time in France, so many amazing things to see thereIMG_9466.JPG

Enjoy Nice and France!

First of all, I love your hair in the video :) I’m having so much fun following your posts, it’s so nice to visit different places in the world. I just came back from Brazil and had the best time ever! That’s what Life is all about, right?! 😉

It's good that you enjoyed it a lot. Greetings.

I wish you fun in your journey. I love your videos.

Looking good. Hey you two are you an item now ?? :)

such a great moments both of you bro @teamsteem

Treasures those happiest moments both of you :))

visit srilanka ✌️

Hi, im paul and im new on steemit? Nice vacation images by the way, vive la france. I wanted to know what kind of topics that you like and engage with so that i can write about them. I hope i am not being too forward with my request.

I love the soap too. I am in the Languedoc Roussillon (the cheaper part of the French Mediterranean). We use the soap to make our laundry liquid as well.