Eating At Blossoming Lotus!

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The very place @karensuestudios and I visited in Portland was this pretty awesome 100% plant-based restaurant called Blossoming Lotus.

For some reasons, I keep quite vivid memories of the time spent there. I was really anticipating being in California in a couple hours and I feel like this had a lot to do with my enhanced state of awareness.

It's a cool place with a lot of reviews on Yelp, which makes me think it's a pretty popular place even though we had the entire restaurant to ourselves that day.

The news is interesting today...

Daily Routine

I did my daily routine. I haven't incorporated the push-up, dips, and chin-up but it's coming. I ran 9 km instead of 15 km I anticipated. I read from 2 different books for 15-20 minutes and I'll try to make this a daily practice.

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Meat is truly an inefficient way of handling resources for food.

Raising an animal takes a huge amount of food and water. And time, of course. In return, it doesn't provide all that much in terms of actually needed nutrients while also causing a lot of further enviromental problems because of all the gas they create.

All this just for what mostly ends up being low-quality meat without any good taste or benefit.


Oh my god, thanks a bunch! This is the first time that something I have written in here has made more than 1$ by itself!


Sin embargo el tiempo y el dinero juega un papel fundamental a la hora de evaluar las tazas de inversión del producto.

nice video sir it seems yammy and its so beautiful with fresh view ,i wish the best for you and your family


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plant based food and eos to the moon :)

Do you guys have a garden? I'm definitely not vegan but I do want to eat more fresh fruits and veggies. I think our entire food system needs a lot of improving. Most people have trees in their yard but most people have 0 fruit trees in their yard.

Please, give me also follow and I like to give you thanks, best regards

really awesome brother....

I appreciate you...

Great video you got there @teamsteem much work have been invested into the production of the video

My boyfriend and I ate at that restaurant when we visited Portland a few years ago. We went for brunch and it was fantastic! I've been dreaming about going back ever since. 🤤

Thank you for the ideas with your post :) Raising an animal is always fun, though it took a lot of time, effort and money but surely in time, it brings good harvest to everyone.

A good video I like it.

Routines help us have way more productive days
Works for me personally. Nicely done @teamsteem

How do you get the willpower to train every day? It's hard for me to do, will you have a reading you recommend?


Maybe try to find a sport that you like. For me it's running but for you it might be soccer. You might also want to set yourself a small goal. It doesn't take much training to get noticeably stronger and getting stronger is a very good motivator.

Great one @teamsteem. That place looks so cool. Hmm, gotta switch up diet as I want a bigger impact!

good video very helpful

Good to be able to enjoy and spend pleasant in a place, sure you come back to try to live it, I take note!

Wow that looks good!

I don't even know what I ordered.

Lol that sounds like me!

You two seem to really enjoy each other.

Wherever love takes you.

And that is also a cool little daily routine check up you keep up with. Good health mate!

Evidentemente criar un animal no es nada economico, eso conlleva gastos y a ciencia cierta no todo es color de rosa como lo manifiesta la carne roja tiende a desarrollar células cancerígenas ademas no podemos obviar el pequeño detalle de que no se crían de manera orgánica factor importante para la salud de individuo y por suerte las proteína que están pueden aportar la podemos sustituir fácilmente por granos. Me encanto tu publicación realmente te felicito.

think you had a good time their as it seems to be a interesting place.

Thank You