Live From Marseille! [Broadcast On Dlive & Facebook]

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@karensuestudios and I have been enjoying our stay in Marseille which is a very lovely city on the Mediterranean sea. With its 855,000 people, Marseille is the second most populous city in France.

We have visited a couple of landmarks, and we have also enjoyed buying Marseille soap.

Click on the image to join our live stream!

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Every video of you, intensifies my desire to visit this beautiful corner of the world. Maybe you have some snippets or photos from Marseille. I know that I will find a lot on the internet but everyone can see the world from a different angle;) I'm curious about your shots;) Greetings and have a great day ;)


I'll eventually post them!


I am looking forward. :) Thank you

Please do share pictures, looking forward to them😘

Super cool, ha ha do they have French Fries there or what do they call them...chips? no idea
I finally caved in and am doing dlives now too, though they are really weird
Happy Voyages to you both :)


Thats so cool. Ill try to watch them later today! Take care B.A.!!!

Dlive here!!! I can’t wait to visit France. How’s the language difference? I know you’re a French Canadian. The video is good and it’s nice to see you guys. Thank you for the tips on doing live stream on both Dlive & Facebook :)


I really love France and their French!

Marseille is a very beautiful city
You are a very beautiful binary I love watching you friends
Really something very cool

very good

Marcelious is one of most beautiful city in the world I hope you enjoyed it....

You two look beautiful.... Muuunnhh

Thank you for sharing this. I haven't been to Marseille seems so beautiful thanks to you.

My darling duo @teamsteem and @karensuestudios. You both keep having fun. Cheers

You are so good, good fun.

so in love with this beautiful video!thanks

Oh i like this beautiful video thanks for share.