Exploring Marseille! [Broadcast On Dlive & Facebook]

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It's our last day in Marseille. We'll be taking a train to Paris tomorrow around 9am. We shall arrive in Paris at around 12h30.

@karensuestudios and I had a very nice day today. We took a ferry and visited 2 island of an archipelagos named Frioul. On was of the island is located the Castle D'If which was made very famous by the author Alexander Dumas in is novel "The Count of Monte Cristo".

We learned a lot about the world around us and even more about us. It was a very intense day. Join us to learn more and have some fun!

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Greetings, Teamsteem

Right off the face, I found the picture of the funny video. Your face reminded me of mine when shooting photo on the beach. Usually I do not take glasses because, I have no place to by, if traveling alone, then I close my eyes to hit the photo hehehe. She comes out funny....

I hope that your journey has been very pleasurable, that you may have known many places and nice people and have created good memories of travel. Yes, traveling brings back a lot of good memories.

Thank you and good night!!!!

@teamsteem, Hope that you are enjoying your time and it's an great experience when we explore beautiful places and cities and also, every place have its own stories.

And Islands are magical places because these places always tell the great stories of the creations of this world, and the extent of imagination used by the creator to create it.

And i hope that you really enjoyed the Island Exploration. And current Crypto Economy is in real crisis and suppression but for sure once again the good days will be rising.

And we also heard about the Hardfork update and now lot of changes are coming up which can bring great vibes in Steem Economy and next we all are waiting for the SMT Economy.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Looks like you are still having a great time traveling @teamsteem! Safe travels bud!


We sure are! Take care my @ma1neevent!

Should be happy trip at paris . Enjoy

Marseille is really an amazing place. You are lucky that you get a chance to visit.

really awesome place for visit and you guys are looking cool

marseille was the beautiful city in France, are you visit the CMA CGM Tower.
keep sharing these type of vlogs for your followers.


We haven't.

Nice... Europe seemed to have embraced both of you..
I really loved following your European tour...
Stay safe and blessed...