📹 THE__HUNT uploaded to @OfficialDLive // 10th September 2k18 // just another manic mondaze, wish it was sundaes, it’s my curated hunt day :)

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Good morning universe, how the heck is life treating ya, you doing good, life treating you well? Ready to get into the day? Great, me too, I’m kinda feeling that today is gonna be an interesting productive day, you too eh? Well that’s just fantastic :) — we got some great hunts again today, won’t you join me below?

number of products and rewards today (open to change)
257 products, $176.20 SBD hunter’s rewards were generated.

my ten curated hunters today:
@russelb, @hmeto, @christianolu, @muhammadhateeb, @toffer, @stmitbackpacker, @alex3883, @josalarcon2, @gattino and @oomcie85


[o1] 8fit
[o2] Hey Andy
[o3] iKast.io
[o5] Neofit Roller
[o6] foop Lite
[o7] Black.ai
[o8] FireBee
[o9] HP MetalJet

i’ll be working on an additional section to the unofficial steemhunt course (with dedicated website soon) with help with setting up your own wordpress blog and plugging that into your steem account so you can crosspost and get some good social juice from your blog at the same time, also some instructions how to setup your twitter feed to auto tweet your posts. You won’t wanna miss that so get on the courses ASAP! :)

My video is at DLive

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some fire picks there my dear, love the idea of that andy app and you know i already grabbed 8fit ;) n1 love!


yeah i grabbed that andy one because i think their is an opportunity there for sure..

. .. and here is the youtube version for your inline pleasure.

feel free to add your own translation and this is the link for that > http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?v=1hk6pDpjpns&ref=share < — i don’t expect people to translate everyday but if you feel that way that would be awesome, let me know if you do a translation! :)