[SteemGC] Starting off this week of vacation with some gaming! [DLive]

in #dlive4 years ago


Hey everyone,

Today I started my vacation for the whole week and I don't really have any special plans so going to start off with some CS:GO.

To learn more about the SteemGC you can check out the account @steemgc or join our Discord server by clicking the link HERE!

My live stream is at DLive


Hope you have a relaxing vacation, bro! Playing some video games is a good way to start it out, haha.

Thanks, for sharing i will have to go through to see how it works.

Vacation! Vacation!! Vacation!!!...sounds like game game game to me...hehehe

Well it's good to be free sometimes and just hang around without a plan. You now have all the time for gaming. Off to dlive to watch you play bro.

Wow vacation that means more games, thanks for sharing.

Its good to start a new thing, Have enough time to make a gaming
Keep it up
I wish you all the best

Vacations are really deserving especially after long periods of being busy.psycology has it that lenghty vacations can improve health by 12percent.I really love gaming also.Hopefully one day there should be a steemit online gaming tournament.We just keep adding value here.nice post

I thought you're already in endless vacation lol.

The greatest gamer of all times - Strawhat the superbro!

good game sir :)

Now there is so much time to do some gaming. This vacation is set to be an epic one for you @strawhat. Game on, steem on!

would like to talk to you after you are done playing if you have time. Just hit me up after that 🙃

alright thanks

its so hard to hear you when shots are fired

Is it a vacation or a VACation? I guess we will find out ;)

waiting for full Q ?

How's your monday brave handsome man Strawhat? :D

greatest way to enjoy the vacations now everyday is going to be fun :D

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