Buying and Selling Game Contest 3 Results

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Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my third ‘Buying and Selling Game’ Contest results post. Today I am going back on DLive. The previous video on DLive went down quite well. So I could be moving all my videos to DLive, even my full economics videos. Seems like DLive has a lot to offer and I am quite excited about using their platform.

What is the Buying and Selling Game?

For the benefit of those who have not entered this contest here is a brief explanation of how the game works.

Participants will be required to buy good/s with an allocated amount of money. Participants will normally have a choice of six goods and these six goods will be available in any of the five towns or cities in the game. The purchasing of goods will be on what I am calling Day 1.

The participants will then be required to sell all of their goods on Day 7 (this aligns with the 7 Day period for entering the contest). The participants can choose any of the five towns to sell their goods. The participant that has the most money after selling all of their goods is the winner.

Responses to the contest will be made in the comments section of the post. If several participants end up with the same amount of money, the person who entered (commented) first will win. The format of the required entry will be explained in detail in the contest itself

For a more detailed explanation you can access the contest post using the following link.


What is happening in this post?

This post contains a video of my ‘Buying and Selling Game’ Model. The model will be generating the Day 7 prices for my Buying and Selling Game. The prices will be generated for all 6 furniture items for all five planets. These prices will determine the winner (the participant with the most money at the end of the game).


Results of the contest

The Table below, taken from the model, presents the lowest prices on Day 1 and the highest prices on Day 7


The winner of the ‘Buying and Selling Game’ for a third week in a row is @doughtaker. @doughtaker made a profit of approximately $1.4 million by buying book shelves on Mish Mash and selling them on Smouldering. Congratulations on winning 5 SBD.

I would also like to thank the following participants for entering.

Ten of you would have been given a small upvote for your efforts. This upvote was based on reputation, the participants with the top ten highest reputations received upvotes on Day 6 of the contest. My criterion could change each week based on my mood at the time.

I hope everyone had fun. I will have another contest up and ready to go in a few days.


My video is at DLive

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Ha-ha that looks like a fun game keep up the good work spectrum


I think it is fun. The following is pretty small so far.

Let me warm up for the next contest:)


Would be nice if you could.


Alright, tha'ts nice

This time also make mistake, I do all correctly, I forget to calculate the change so I give wrong calculations.

But next time I don't do this mistake again.

Next contest I think I give correct calculations. When you announce next contest.


There is no way to guarantee winning. All you can do is try and maximise your chances of winning.


Yaa you said correctly

@spectrumecons you were flagged by a worthless gang of trolls, so, I gave you an upvote to counteract it! Enjoy!!


Thanks @flagfixer. I have been getting a few flags recently.

excelente publicacion muy educativa y de gran aporte para todos los nuevos stemianos