Buying and Selling Game Contest #4 - Results

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Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my fourth ‘Buying and Selling Game’ Contest results post. Sadly, this is going to be my final contest for now. I have not been able to muster up as many people as I had hoped for this series. This could be because the Steem platform is going through a bit of a lull right now or maybe these contests are not as enjoyable to my audience as I was hoping. When things pick up, I will have another go and see what happens. For the time being, I will be focusing more on my economics posts.

I also have some good news. The original prize money was just 5 SBD to the winner. Since I got a really generous upvote from @sweetsssj, I have increased the prize money to 15 SBD; 10 SBD for the winner and 5 SBD for second place.

This results video is on DLive again. I plan on making DLive the home for all my videos. I really like what this site has to offer.

What is the Buying and Selling Game?

For the benefit of those who have not entered this contest, here is a brief explanation of how the game works.

Participants will be required to buy good/s with an allocated amount of money. Participants will normally have a choice of six goods and these six goods will be available in any of the five towns or cities in the game. The purchasing of goods will be on what I am calling Day 1.

The participants will then be required to sell all of their goods on Day 7 (this aligns with the 7 Day period for entering the contest). The participants can choose any of the five towns to sell their goods. The participant that has the most money after selling all of their goods is the winner.

Responses to the contest will be made in the comments section of the post. If several participants end up with the same amount of money, the person who entered (commented) first will win. The format of the required entry will be explained in detail in the contest itself

For a more detailed explanation you can access the contest post using the following link.


What is happening in this post?

This post contains a video of me running through my ‘Buying and Selling Game’ Model. The Day 7 prices for my ‘Buying and Selling Game’ have been generated using this model. The prices have been generated for all 6 musical instruments for all five cities. These prices have determined the winner for this contest (the participant with the most money/highest profit at the end of the game).


Results of the contest

The table below, taken from the model, presents all the Day 7 prices.


The table below, taken from the model, presents the lowest prices on Day 1 and the highest prices on Day 7.


Normally I can pick a winner directly using this output from the model. Today, I am afraid that is not the case as nobody selected the optimal combination of buying guitars in Classy City and selling them in Bleak City. I have therefore calculated the profits for each participant to determine our winner. The results are presented in the table below.


The winner of this week’s ‘Buying and Selling Game’ contest is @giddyupngo. @giddyupngo bought trumpets in Giant City and sold them in Greener City. Congratulations on winning 10 SBD. In second place is @doughtaker. @doughtaker bought glockenspiels in Bleak City and sold them in Classy City. @doughtaker was tied with @ashwine and @luisveco88. @doughtaker has taken second place for entering first out of the tied participants. Congratulations on winning 5 SBD.

All the participants that entered also received a small upvote. I was only going to give out to 10 participants but considering we only had 13 and this is the last contest for a while, I decided to give all participants an upvote.



My video is at DLive

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Yes, you are correct. I have updated the post, thank you.

You can also watch the video on YouTube using the following link.

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I am about to share to twitter right now so I'll tag @OfficialDLive.

Thank you Sir! It is helpful to learn about economics while having fun. Congrats to the other winners!