Beverly Hills AT NIGHT - ONE JOURNEY DAY ONE SebCam #25

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I want to have the same last dream again,
The one where I wake up and I'm alive.
Just as the four walls close me within,
My eyes are woken up with pure sunlight.

Departing Hollywood towards Santa Monica Beach, then hooking a right along the coast will take me north towards Malibu Beach, and eventually.... to Oregon. It's only 1000 miles and I dont have any money to buy food, but I have my bike, my camera, and the Worrrrrrld...!!! The journey is the destination.

The best kind of road trip is with the best kinds of friends. Fortunately, all of my friends are little people who live inside the camera; so you'll are gonna COME WITH ME...!!! We're biking north towards the unknown. With no idea where we will sleep, what we will eat, who we will meet, and whether or not we will reach our destination. It's 1000 miles from Hollywood to Oregon.... Then it's 1000 miles back again, in 10 DAYS.. by BIKE?! YIKESSSS!!!!

One Man..
One Camera...

My name is Seb, this is the Cam... this is #SebCam.

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My name is Seb, this is the Cam... this is @SebCam.

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@SebCam One Man, One Camera, One Journey........

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