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SebCam, we have a problem. Life is like a ride at the amusement park; it goes up and down and round and around, and just when you think it's going great... it all goes downhill, FAST. Welcome to the first ever unintentional episode of "Seb Radio". #FAIL #GONEWRONG!

Right after I'd met a gorgeous surfer girl in the showers on Malibu Beach. Wow, I think Im in Love..... Amazingly enough, in "DAY ONE " I made from the Hollywood sign, via Beverly Hills, outta the big city lights, and along the California coastline to Malibu Beach, where I slept on the sand. When I woke up, I felt like a king, the King of Baywatch IN REAL LIFE!! For approximately 10 seconds I was a Californian Life Guard from Baywatch running along the sand. This monumental moment was short-lived however, as I had to dry my shorts, and edit all my videos so you lot can see 'em! Now my camera doesnt work, so you cant see sh*t.

Im biking 1000 miles north with the people who live inside the camera, we're all going to Oregon.. with no money and not much time left on the clock, and now... no camera???!

One Man..
One Broken Camera...
One Disastrous Journey....

My name is Seb, this is the Cam... this is #SebCam.

My video is at DLive


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My name is Seb, this is the Cam... this is @SebCam.

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@SebCam One Man, One Camera, One Journey........

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