Photography Slideshow: Preston Palace: Interior Photography

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Today I finished a slideshow where I am showcasing the interior photography I did for Preston Palace. You can see a short timelapse that I did in this post. It's going to be used for promoting my interior photography on LinkedIn and Facebook.


For this slideshow, I used software where I could tween and make the motions of the movement of every photograph very smooth. There are plenty of templates that you can download for a few bucks online, but I wanted to do some old school motion graphics. Remember that I told you that I graduated for that? If you didn't, now you do.

The layers aren't that spectacular, but working with photographs that have an 8k resolution each this can drain the performance of my computer. Fortunate for me, I have 32gb of memory and a pretty sick processor to calculate every moving pixel. While the calculation of just moving pixels isn't a big deal for a computer like this, adding the motion blur to every moving object does slow this process down a lot.

I used about 14 images I believe in this short clip. Let's post some that I haven't posted before! As for the pay-off of the clip, it is common to add your website address to it. I rarely do this, nor do I watermark my images. If people are truly interested in who made it, or if they want to work with you, they will find you. Clients that put in a little bit more effort to get something done, always seem to know exactly what they want and who they want to work with. That's my favorite type of client, to be honest. Not that they should put in more effort, but that they know what they want.


So, 30 seconds of animation (motion graphics), how long does it take to create? Guess! Personally, I have this rule, or method how I used to calculate the hours spent on 10 seconds of animation, this takes me usually about 2 hours. Since I haven't been into motion graphics for a pretty long time, it took me even longer! I bet my brother can do this in a few hours since he is like a friggin' specialist in this. And he creates sick stuff, instead of this boring slider ;-).

Maybe I can bring him on the platform, but I guess I need to convince him to throw his motion graphics on it (he is pretty damn good with drawing as well).


My video is at DLive

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