Beats & Process #7 - Eye see what you did there [Post Processing]

in dlive •  last year  (edited)


Its all in the eye of the beholder right? Let's make some art

My live stream is at DLive

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whats up @rubencress

Good deal, late as I am feeding the baby. He has not stopped looking at the screen.

Good photos + Good editing skills.. Just wow bro!!

whoa...this is going all sorts of weird cool places...

hows the stream looking? @jimmylin

fantastic man

nice! good to know ^^

great and creative post , nice editing and graphics skill ,thank you for this good work @rubencress


i will upvote if you can tell me something in detail about this livestream.

awesome @erodedthoughts :-D

I'd love to hear you talk to yourself during at least one of these in the future.

My microphone is pretty sensitive, and I have a broken fan of my GPU that is screaming Bitconnect according to @beercake... otherwise I'd probably say something.

good man, and it's not too bad. maybe a TINY bit loud. If it was music I didn't like I'd say it was too loud :P

If my fan sounded anything like that I would take it outside and shoot that thing, lol

hey Jaka! whatsup

Yeah I need to get a new GPU, but then I need a new mobo as well. destroyed that hing by accident.

What you think of this Eroded?

Nailed it

No, not green

Navy was perfect


how bout this one?

That green just isn't doing it, lol

Bring the dark green to the front, that may solve it

What green? is the hue stuck? xD

The dead center of the eye

don't bother that, I fix that later, I want it to be solid black

I dropped it in chat

That one is great

Ah, I have Dlive comment box open, not chat

Everyone looks like a go now that the center is black

Can you try the logo in black and silver on the right one?

18, 6, 0 and 40

On the orange one for right side of steem logo

on this one?

Yes. Black one side, silver other side

Is there a dlive delay?

yeah small one, but due the bevel (light) I cannot make it without looking chiseled

I was waiting to see magic, I couldn't get it to work on my side either, lol

I like the grayscale color

could you try the eye in the steem logo part? just wanna see what it looks like

here is some magic :-p

wow, that's kinda cool

might be cool if it were over a blue eye background

so it would be like an eye over an eye

whoa...that's an eye in a whirlpool...

hmm.. might be too crowded for a sticker

Best to have one I like, one you like and what the hell let Geek pick one too

you like this better @geekpowered ?

Haha, yeah exactly! I like that grayscale CMYK @erodedthoughts

haha, alright, let me lower it a bit down for the people who might jump in and don't like it ;-)

oeh, I like this! brb

what about you @geekpowered & @erodedthoughts?


bring steem to the front

I think the steem letters should possibly be in the front, and not white

Small drop shadow

making some art @jimmylin! how are you doing? Music still loud? haha :D

maybe not such a hard edge on the inner embossing on the letters?

What is that inner glow?

Looks kind of too much like the British flag for me


That's not an eye

it is an eye :-D previous, unfinished artwork

and your mom's not a...nevermind...

I actually like this serene color, what about you guys?

I really like that

I don't have no mom. My parent was unisex

and several of the others you've made as well :P

I like it except for that bevel

That's just me I have bevels


ooh! red!

yeah I hate bevels as well, but STEEM needs to pop out

I think the inner bevel on the levels is too sharp, but I'm fine with bevels

why not try it with an outer black

Star Wars incoming :D

Some fractal backgrounds may look cool too

Keep all these layers. Some will look good on hats

And mugs

I have to bounce. My night to bathe the rugrats.

all these layers? :D haha shit

I started from here lol

you must have a killer setup to be able to have all these layers

Flatten each option. We won't need final layers for anything

I always save the PSD with the layers intact, then export to another format

yeah exactly

just in case I want to edit it later

this one is nice as well

that! I like that!

Rasengan from naruto

made it from the Steem logo

I think it needs a different font...

maybe this without a logo/name even. it's made from the Steem logo itself.

did you try it with the blue steem, like with the other logo next to it?

wait what?

the whirlpool...I was wondering it would work with blue steem on it

no, it will vanish in the background

I think that looked good right there, with the blue, a second ago...

is there one you like @geekpowered?

that one looks good