S U N D A Y @ Bruxelles les bains

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SUMMER TIME is the most magical time of the year in Brussels !

During the summer it's possible to enjoy the sun and a million of (free) activities all around the city !

Free concerts, free open-air-theatre, free exhibition, free classes of everything (dance, yoga, sport, etc.)

If you have the chance to come by in the country, and in the city (Brussels is the capital of Belgium), don't miss Brussels Les Bains that I present you in this video !

Brussels Les Bains is just around the corner of my home, I like to go there for a walk in the evening, after the diner.... or to diner !

Beach, Music, Happy People, Cocktails... What can I ask more ?

Discover in this video one of Brussel's Summer Secret's Spot !

My video is at DLive

Music Credit : Summer Feelings

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I would love to travel in summer time to Brussels. It is one of the beautiful city in the world and people there just goes more lively in summer like a bear from hibernation @roxane


Exact @cryptopie !
Hope you are well by the way :)

Next year cherie!


Really @immarojas ?
Not too hot in Philippines ?
By the way, will we have the chance to see each others at SF3 ?


No not hot as it's the typhoon season now. Will miss SF3 this year due to family commitments☺ Enjoy Krakow!