No problem!

Hey everyone! Send @brianphobos liquid STEEM so I can delegate it to @roelandp ......... :-)

P.S. Don't actually do that!

it was not good the fact he didn't have your authorization....but his plan is actually a good thing to the blockchain...get to an agreement with can let him use the name in the condition that he gives 5% of the revenues to a charity(example)

I'd be down to start a witness server and give 99% of the revenue after whatever the server costs end up being to charities on the blockchain. Anyone want in?

Although that lineup is a joke, I'll tell you the same thing I mentioned down below...I can get you great pricing on legit talent. Feel free to hit me up anytime. Can't wait for steemfest 3

roelandp I am part of a group to help autistic people in Portugal...... we are online but we want to create a physical thing ....our face group is .....I suggest you would allow him to use the name in exchange of donating a small percentage of the revenues to @autismoportugal what do you say? we would be eternally grateful to you

Jerry makes daily revenue he deposits into the @budgets account and his @jerrybanfieldroi account. Uses both to "fund" projects. He doesn't need to hijack the SteemFest name if he actually wanted to give your group money.

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