The Steemit Minute New Steemian Weekly Report 8/17 - 8/31

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First I'd like to give a huge shout out to @yabapmatt who has been kind enough to donate $5 Steem/SBD Per New Steemian that is mentioned on the Steemit Minute Show! This not only brings their REP from 25 to 41 currently, it gives them hope to move forward and create daily content!

I reached out to Matt a few weeks ago and asked if he'd be interested and he agreed. So I wanted to thank him by also trying to help him get to the TOP 20 Witness Rank here on @steemit

So each week we will not only highlight all the new steemians we helped get started with a nice Rep bump from @postpromoter

We will also track @yabapmatt and his journey to Top 20!

Current Rank 27 (+0) (5952 Votes +159)

Consider Voting for Matt Here:











Thanks to everyone who tunes into the show and upvotes/comments our new steemians!

Have a Great Day! @reseller

My video is at DLive

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Thanks a lot for your efforts in supporting new steemians. I was sort surprised when I got such a large bump. I am yet to make a follow up post, partly because I have been in my village where network service is restricted but I am working on one now, and may edit this post with the link once I blog. Thanks again.

Here is the link to the post