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hi @reseller . shame there is no gold card , but STILL those cardS are cool.

My favorite is the first one . LIGHTNING DRAGON .. super nice


AWWW! Thanks @reseller . It's a great news to start the weekend . I'm very happy . I can't wait to open the Booster Pack. Wish you more success and Have a lovely weekend to you.

We miss you in Toronto!

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Thanks man, life was too much this time to be able to go. Looking forward to Texas.


Cool! Looking forward to it!

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Let's do it, I loved Lightning Dragon!!
Hopefully I can get one with that booster pack!!

Gosh, that first pack you opened today was amazing! Two Rares, an Epic  and a Legendary  all in a single pack, and the first pack you opened, at that! That was totally rad!

Of these, I would have to say that my fave was the Lightning Dragon, even though there were some Summoners  in some of the later packs, and you know how much I love the Summoners!

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That lightening dragon is great, even if it's not gold.

Lightning Dragon, still need to add one to my collection!

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My favorite card is the alric stormbringer! Building up my blue team! #goblue

I need a Lord of Darkness.