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Lyanna Natura has some special aura. I think it will be a game changing card.

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I'll surely purchase that some day

Another cool booster pack reveal. Someday I will buy some packs haha

Flesh Golem for the win!

I missed last video! But the @steemmonsters site is amazing, super intuitive!

Today your luck was just like mine! My favourite card was Zintar Mortalis :D

My favourite card from these packs was the Zintar Mortalis. 💀🎃

Hey @reseller, that was an interesting pack opening video. You had more time to give us some information about the game, thanks to the Internet outage. 😉  My favourite of the cards you opened today was the Rare Summoner  Lyanna Natura.

I have a Level 4 Lyanna in my main Team. At the moment I'm thinking of fighting with a primary Team from Lyveria  and a backup Team from the Azmare Islands. My Lyanna is my best Summoner  so far, and Alric is my second best, plus I have a nice Legendary  Frost Giant for the Azmare  Team. Of course, this all may change before the battles and tournaments begin, depending on what I get between now and then.

Congratulations to @poyim on the win from yesterday.


Thanks you @trisquelwhare.

I too will most likely be playing Lyanna Natura as my summoner. It seems to be my strongest splinter. I can't wait to play! See you in the battlefield. ;)


I just spent some of my $ˢᵇᵈ (which I'm no longer receiving at the moment anyway, from post creation and curation rewards), buying a few Lyverian Rares  to bolster my ranks. I see that you have a Spirit of the Forest, which is one Monster that I'd really like one day ... apart from a Selennia Sky of course, which is the main card that I'd really like to get into my collection one day soon, haha.

My favorite card has to be the medusa! crosses fingers and toes so she can win

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