The Changing Face Of Guangzhou Over Time / 广州的变化

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I was born and grew up in Guangzhou, also known as Canton, which is the capital and most popular city in the province of Guangdong, Southern China. Since I left home 17 years ago, there have been significant changes in the city and every year I went home, there were guaranteed new things for me to discover, whether it be newly built blocks of flats, bridges or high-speed trains!

Our family home is located in the Tianhe area where I spent most of my younger years. The name “Tianhe” literally means “a river in the sky”, which h I think is very cool indeed. The amount of developments in this particular area over the past 20 years are incredible. One of them being a large, expansive shopping mall.

The one I'm referring too, and like the most, is TeeMall. Teemall is situated above the Tiyuxilu metro station, making it very convenient and accessible. The mall has 7 stories and the 2 upper levels, which consist of restaurants and cafes. Well worth a visit if you are ever in Guangzhou.

The city has become quite modernized over time and I simply couldn't resist taking a short video of Tianhe area during my last visit there in April. So, here is to share with you all.













My video is at DLive

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this place definitely has its style! :)


I cannot agree more, lol.

Looks like a great place, buildings and all.


Yes, the city has become very modern. Thanks @markvance.

Wow! That is beautiful. I was born in a cozy little town, left 27 years ago and it has now become a crappy big town (poverty, criminality, poor services, etc.).
What you're showing here is magnificent. That's the way it should be in all respects (if we can conceive the possibility of development hand-in-hand with improvements in people's quality of life, etc.).
I love the aesthetics of this new "river in the sky". Great combination of high tech and nature.


Thanks for dropping by @hlezama.





好啊 下次回国要去看看呢!你们那里好吃的可多。

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So beautiful. Love the pictures.
Where do you live now? and would you ever want to come back to live in Guangzhou or your old town Tianhe? Do you miss it?
I also have moved from Poland 28 years ago and when I go visit there are so many changes and advancements.

It's really different from a few years ago. I don't remember that Adidas that I when stayed around TianHe. Expensive area to live in ha. :-)


The Addidas building is a new addition I believe. :) Yes, you are not wrong about the high price living in Tianhe area. The property price has gone up a lot in the recent years.


Good for the people who own real estate there then.

I think my mum came from Tian He as well, or more specifically Sha He, is that within Tian He? I seem to remember the address vaguely as I only went back with her a few times when i was a kid


I think Sha He is also included in Tianhe district. I hope you have a chance to re-visit Guangzhou soon.

Cool video and nice photo impressions @rea!

"River in the Sky" - that needs to be a poem!