Mouth Watering Thai Restaurant "Busaba Eathai" / 美味泰式风味餐馆

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Last night, I had a lovely dinner with a good friend at Busaba Thai restaurant. This is a popular restaurant chain that offers up authentic Thai exquisite food. There are several branches in London but the one I visited yesterday was in Westfields, Shepherd’s Bush.



The interior of the restaurant was amazing! Mostly wooden furniture with oversize lampshades providing for some flattering, subdued light. Simple yet so effective! The service was really great and friendly. There is also a fantastic selections of dishes on the menu to choose from.






I love their version of the famous Green Curry chicken dish, with just the right amount of spices and seasoning, as well as being not too spicy for my taste buds. Super delicious and full of flavour. My other dining honoraries had the Chicken Pat Thai and Sweet & Sour Chicken. Both were super yummy too, from what I hear!




Definitely be back soon and try more of the delightful dishes.

昨晚我和朋友在一家名为Busaba Eathai的泰式风味餐厅吃饭。这是一家连锁餐厅,在伦敦有几家分店,我们去的是位于Shepherd's Bush附近的大型商场Westfield里。


我尤其喜欢他们家的绿咖喱鸡, 恰到好处的香料和调味料,对我来说不会太辣,超好吃!我的朋友点了泰国炒河粉和甜酸鸡,也说不错,呵呵!



My video is at DLive

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Looks so good!


Taste even better, lol.

我尤其喜欢他们家的绿咖喱鸡, 恰到好处的香料和调味料,对我来说不会太辣,超好吃!我的朋友点了泰国炒河粉和甜酸鸡,也说不错,呵呵!



The food looks amazing - great post thank you

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I will like to taste their curries and char- grills and work noodles.

一如既往的完美 :D



Unfortunately I’m live to far away. But this restaurant makes me to eat some delicious Asian food! :-) great review 👌😀

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Thank you.

The restaurant's interior looks beautiful and the food looks appealing and tasty.


Thank you @andre62!

Awesome !!

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Oh yes, this looks really mouth watering.


Thanks. :)

Wow @rea looks like a beautiful place with some delicious looking food. Thanks for sharing.

世界料理中有泰國料理真是太棒了~~ 酸跟辣都是我喜歡的味道,檸檬也是~~❤️~~





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I love Busaba Thai! Tried a few branches, and the quality was pretty consistent, which is always nice :)


Yes, lovely food there. :)