Learning the Art of Modern Calligraphy / 学习现代书法艺术

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Not too long ago, I had the pleasure of visiting a Modern Calligraphy class with my colleagues, on a work social. It was a truly unique experience that I would love to share with you, my Steemian friends.

The workshop is situated in East London. We got off the tube at Hackney Wick Station. To being too familiar with that part of London, it was pretty cool to see the diverse graffiti artworks scattered throughout the street. A very different view of this great city than the one I'm used to.



The venue is quite spacious, exhibiting parts of its original brick wall. Simple, yet so effective. Our host, Alice, has been a stationery designer and modern calligrapher for nearly ten years now. Because of her distinctive and unique talents, she runs a successful workshop where she shares all her tips and tricks.




I was a little nervous at first as I had, up until that day, no previous experience in calligraphy . But Alice turned out to be a brilliant teacher, being both very knowledgeable and engaging with us all. She made me feel very comfortable and initially went through the basics with very clear guidelines and examples. Everyone in the class was very well looked after by her, despite the fact that we were a pretty big group of 20 people.




All the essential materials were provided. A beautiful starter kit was stylishly set out before us. Perfect for a complete beginner like me, lol. After Alice’s introduction came to a close, we went straight into some practice exercise, after which moved swiftly on to letterforms. So by the end of session, I was able to write my name or some favourite quote, whilst applying her skillful techniques.










I found that the two hours simply flew by and didn’t expect to be this much fun! And as a deserved reward for all our hard efforts, we got to enjoy some delicious pizza and drinks, to finish off what was an exceptionally wonderful class!



I'd describe the whole experience as very relaxing. It really made me want to do learn more about modern calligraphy. And one of the best bits of all, is you get to take the calligraphy kit home with you, including the guide sheets, ink, pen-holder, nib and tote bag, basically everything you need to keep practicing and honing your skills, haha. In addition, I would most definitively like to recommend Alice as a mentor, to anyone who is interested in delving into the world of calligraphy. What an awesome day!



书法课在伦敦东区,Hackney Wick站的附近。在这里可以看到很多街头艺术文化,特别是各种炫目的涂鸦,别具一格。







My video is at DLive

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Whats up Rea!!
Looks like a chill relaxing class. @karensuestudios would love doing this.
That pizza looks sooo good!!
mmmm Pizza!!!! 😋


Hey @acromott, how are you? Yes, calligraphy lesson makes you feel calmed and relaxed. And yeah Pizza was very tasted, lol.

I see you are practicing your autograph for when Steemit becomes a global powerhouse and you seated at the top!

Looks like a great time. :D


Haha...that would be my dream!

I like whoever did that to the wall... SHITHOUSE TO PENTHOUSE.
I did bit of these calligraphy in school with the Indian ink that is stubborn in coming off but I prefer Chinese calligraphy more nowadays.


I think the chinese calligraphy is harder to learn. You must be quite good at it...


I learned a bit several years ago. Definitely not good at it. Several years later (a few years ago), I spent some time relearning because of something: 太极拳。为了学习放松。 I got a bit of my objective and have stop the brush somewhat. Before I still thought this art in the manual way has a value. Maybe some retirement work until I saw this.






It is always good to incorporate new things in our heads, the popular saying says. "Knowledge does not occupy space" and it is true. congratulations for your decision. the pizzas look very delicious. I must admit that you have opened my appetite.
I wish you a great day

I have always admired something in those people who dedicate themselves to this art, because for me it is an art, to make a graffiti, and that is where they see a blank canvas there they paint, no matter the height or the uncomfortable place, they do it to In spite of the danger that they can run up to a wall or even a bridge, they do not care, they just do it. Congratulations to those intrepid people.

A Calligraphy class would be sooooo much fun! I have always been interested in writing and I think text can be beautiful!! How fun! i will have to look for some classes around me and check them out! :)

Plus that pizza looks damn good! haha


Def check it out if you have a chance. Thank you!


I will! :)