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I think everyone will buy. It is an other way for retirement :) I feel it is moving very fast in the last months and everyone is joining the revolution, so why not grandma!

I think if we had this system years ago, the Nazis wouldnt exist hehe

Maybe it's different in the UK. I haven't seen many young people (ie in their 20s) who are into crypto. I haven't seen many elderly people into it either. But I am going to a Bitcoin Meetup next week. It's organised by a middle-aged woman, and most of the people going along seem to be middle-aged.


Great to hear! 😃

My dad is retiring next year and I kind of want to see if he'd be interested in getting into it. He'll have the time on his hands, and he's somewhat interested in the stock market, though he really just follows it because of his investments with brokers, he doesn't play the market himself.

At first I was like "no way", now am like " this could totally be true" the older generation could get a better deal off crypto

To the question in your title, my Magic 8-Ball says:


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This is very interresting... Cryoto is their for everyone on earth.
We just need it to be spread everywhere and let everyone know about it.

an interesting subject , i like your video

Amazing video bro. I give you 100 like.