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I'm a simple human, I saw "human energy" and thought you meant using humans as batteries. Let me check real quick how much Volt I can create ... +-0.02V just touching, and +-0.59V if you know how to get energy from a human using the right materials.

I'm sorry, doesn't have anything to do with the video, but I'm obsessed with electricity and battery's.

I totally agree that this world can become a Paradise and that robots really can help us by giving us more time to spend on more important people and things in our life as this world seems to get more chaotic every day! Great video and topic as always @phonienf , upped and resteemed !💕✌😀

I never saw it in this way. You have opened my mind again. The investment in human relationships will give you a better ROI than any average business.

nice video bro!👍

Great job from @Phoneinf, I resteem your video because I see it as one that's interesting for my followers. Keep it up friend.

Insightful. Look to the future.