Sundays Broadcast on MSP Waves Starts at 12 Noon Central

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Dear Listeners!

Welcome to our dLive stream! We're starting with God Waves with @globocop and continuing a new series: Angels & Demons - The Real Thing: Part 3.

Next up is Romance on the Air with @hope777, followed by From the Ground Up with @mckenziegary.

After that, it's the Steemit Creative show with @isaria and @swelker101, then Steemit Musicians with @krystle, @isaria, and @swelker, and finally ending with Minnow Mayor's Town Hall
hosted by @aggroed for a grand total of over 10 hours of live shows!

Be sure and check out our full schedule and more info about each show on

My live stream is at DLive

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Thanks, everyone for listening to God Waves.