Darkness Rises gaming story and adventure fight

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Gaming name:Darkness Rises
Video time: 00:41:07
Video quality: 720p
Story Chapter 17
Chapter name: To the Underworld
Heros name: High Executioner
Story Chapter 18
Chapter name: The Lord of the Underworld
Heros name: Corrupted Makara, Corrupted Kassd, Corrupted Death Knight
Story Chapter 19
Chapter name: Back to Business
Heros name: Zod
Adventure fight
Stage 6-5
Heros name: Specter
Stage 6-6
Heros name: Strong Phantom Knight
Battle fight
fighter name: Goxallashk,Igmut
All fight Win and clear this chapter
Enjoy this

My video is at DLive

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With the video graphics i really love it and definitely would want to give it a try. Because i got great love for games with lots of fight and adventure .am a damn game freak and trust me after watching this video i would love to play it myself but help, how and where can i get this game online because i need to get on it so quick. Your details your gave has inspired me. Response needed asap. 🖒.. thanks for sharing and meeting my fellow gamer ere on steemit


thank you for your good comment . you get the game google play store ...... game link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nexon.da3.global thank you. you can play this game and enjoy this

This is a good quality video and very nice game. ....thank you for your sharing this video


thank you dear

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Next step I will explaint you .....step by step


i am already complet this.. thank you for you information

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