First Ever - SteeMonsters Game Play Analysis (Preview match #2)

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We got our second preview of what a SteemMonsters match will look like (animated)

Now i'm gonna break it down for you and take a closer look and teach you how it all works.
Let me know if you have questions and how you want matches to go in the future.

Battling starts soon... and a great place to buy, sell and get packs in bulk is

My video is at DLive

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resteemed and will watch it in my list of things to do today! Good job and congrats on being number 1


Alright what did you think? Does it all make sense to you?


yes it was a very good analysis and presentation... I've watched it 3x now and plan on another 10.... There is a lot to take in and you do a great job of explaining how it works!

It took a moment for the video to be ready... it's up and watchable now.
@dtube does not work with my file type apparently. Not sure what's going on there.

Good video. I think I got it, can you confirm, once the first position person goes, everyone one on the team can go before the other team has a turn?


Turns are completely dependent on SPEED.
Doesn't matter which team the card is on.

Thanks for the good video. Do you know how the battle match engine will work. Lets say I play a 20 Mana tournament and some users have Max.lvl. cards and I only have lvl.1 there any good chance that I will win a fight or are there any other factors that determine what kind of enemy I'm fighting?

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@masterthematrix - This aspect we do not know entirely.

What is more likely is that you will be matched up against someone more in your skill range.
They will use the ELO rating system so even if someone who wins a lot of games beats you it won't matter for the ratings... but if you beat them they'll fall like a rock.

BUT... i didn't really answer the direct question... because we haven't been shown Mana values yet.

I am disappointed with this game. I thought that I would play the games: I would choose my team, choose the places of the monters and then choose whom they would attack, based on the speed and characteristics of each monster.
What I saw was THE PROGRAM, with a weak AI, choosing for me!
There were a few attacks that the target should have been another monster. If I, human being , were playing with the whites, I would have won this game.
For a chess program it took years of development to achieve a medium level of technique. Bridge programs are, till now, very weak players. Magic the Gathering programs are bad players.
Why try to develop an AI to play steemmonsters? Why don't you simply do as Magic On Line does: You choose your deck and you choose the cards to play on each turn and the program only checks if you are playing according to the rules. Of course, the program organizes the tournments and the possible ranking.
I want to play!
I don't want the program playing for me!


This is NOT AI.... not in any way.

I'm sorry i didn't do a good job making that understandable... i'll take this as feedback on how I do these in the future.

This is an animation representation of how the match turned out based on YOUR decisions and your opponent decisions.


From what I understand, this is not AI. It's just the game playing according to the rules. The rules determine that, unless there are abilities in effect that change the attack's target or the opponents' placement, then:

  • The cards' speed stat determines who attacks first. If there's a tie, then magic attacks go first, followed by ranged attacks and then melee attacks. If there's still a tie, the attacker is picked randomly.
  • Only Monsters in front can perform melee attacks. Only Monsters not in front can perform ranged attacks. Monsters in any position can perform magic attacks.
  • But no matter where the attacker is positioned, it can only target the opponent in front (in other words, it's impossible to pick a target!).

So, even if players could play the game manually, they would have to follow these rules and be subject to these restrictions (can't pick a target and must attack the opponent in front, etc.), and the outcome would probably be the same.

@monsterworld, please correct me if I'm wrong :D .