"We Could Use Another Healer." - Overwatch 1919 SR [MMG Smurf]

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Prep yourself for the chillest, most competitive, late night Overwatch stream on the Steem Blockchain! Let's get it!

It's your boy MMG Smurf here, and I'm going to keep this short, because you know what we do!

Today's Overwatch Stream

Today, is all about starting the climb! I want to flex, but also use primarily Mei until the team nags, because I...well...I Mei main.

Join me live(MMG Smurf) while I do my best in Day 2 ofSeason 12 Overwatch!

My goal for this season is to make Diamond SR.

Jeff, be with us. Let's play Overwatch!

"We Could Use Another Healer."
- The Mei With The Golden Gun

Blockchain Powered Esports Funding

Tonight's stream will be hosted by MMG Smurf, and the proceeds of this stream will go toward funding of MMG's Codename: Kawaii Online Overwatch Events, where we let our audiences on social media determine the rules of the event. Currently MMG is in a process of recruiting more Overwatch players to our discord community. If you play Overwatch on PC and want to join a competitive online community, hit the link to the Money Match Gaming discord server at the bottom of this post.


MMG's Esports Event Funding

Each MMG stream here on @moneymatchgaming as well admin accounts @theinfinite @mainos12345 and @ukuleletutorials, will go toward the funding of MMG's Esports Events for Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

MMG's Codename Kawaii will be conducted as a social experiment across all MMG social media channels. Our audience will be given the power to determine, how often and how much these events take place based on their engagement with specific MMG social media posts and polls.

Prize Pool Update - Sept 5th 2018

As of today, the Total Prize Pool for Codename: Kawaii is sitting at $323 USD. 30% of this total will be used for MMG’s monthly events(ie TCIS, The Clash In Smash).

Another 10% of the Total Prize Pool collected each month(between TCIS events), will be used to host free to play events and giveaways for the MMG Overwatch community.

This is part of the collection for month 4 of MMG's Codename: Kawaii events.

If you would like to donate to this campaign, please send your donations to an MMG admin listed above, and not directly to @MoneyMatchGaming, as it will be returned as an invalid bid. While our main goal is to cater to gamers we find that having a vote bid bot helps us keep afloat. Thank you, ahead of time.

MMG Contact Info

The easiest and quickest way to get a hold of an MMG admin is via discord. Send us a dm or @ us directly (@TheInfinite @mainos12345 and smurf[MMG]). We will of course, also reply to any comments made to this post or any other MMG posts on Steemit and Dlive.

MMG Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/themoneymatchstream

MMG Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/moneymatchgaming

MMG Twitter - https://www.twitter.com/moneymatchgame

MMG Twitch.tv -

MMG DLive.io - https://www.dlive.io/@moneymatchgaming

Big shout-out to a sponsor of MMG events @yabapmatt whom you can vote for steem witness

(if you're interested in becoming a sponsor, contact an MMG admin)

Join MMG on Discord


My live stream is at DLive

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