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Time-lapse colored pencils - The myths about being an Artist

in dlive •  4 months ago

Hello, interesting analysis about being an artist, I agree with you regarding the work we should like! if it would not be horrible to dedicate hours daily and for years to something that we do not like. I have done some drawings in particular, especially when I am very worried and stressed but I am not an artist. However, I am making designs and creating with my new work, Community Manager , I can tell you that it is very nice to work in this area, because sometimes I work for hours at a time and I do not even mind.
Congratulations for your work and thanks for sharing your art, your advice and the analysis of being an artist.
by the way the drawing of the girl is great and I am struck by the logo of the girl's hat, I think maybe it's from an institution or something like that.

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I'm happy you like your work. Keep doing what you love. :)