Wing Wang Rang Bang Cicada

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Wing Wang Rang Bang

Wing Wang Rang Bang
Ouch the ring gets louder
Snapping wings in a forest green

Snapping wings and waiting
For one to complete a generation
Seventeen years of monotonous marking time

Now snapping wings in fervency
For she will come and complete the cycle
Wing Wang Rang a little louder

She is there and he hovers close – Bang!
The ring subsides as the cicada collides
With his lover for a moment

The fight for life
Never does sumise
But with a loud cry finishes his last

The Cicada spends seventeen years underground…

…to enjoy twenty or thirty days drinking sap from trees and making annoying buzzing sounds. In Korea somehow these Cicada find a way to come up every year. My guess is they are just super productive.

In the morning I wake up to the whining of cicada…

…and the faint sound of birds in the background. Luckily they are only around from July to August and I am out of here in August. No one knows how frustrating these creatures can be unless you have spent a summer in Korea.

They really enjoy their time above earth…

…and put up a fight before they die. By the end of August they will hang on my window screens and screech like a horror movie and then just die there. Spooky creatures. By the time I get back from America they will be in their dying stage and I think I can catch a few intense screams.

I wonder what good these creatures are good for…

…except for frying as a side dish. Perhaps they keep the native plants strong and disease resistant. They also make a very effective alarm clock.

The video here is taken from my bedroom window when I woke up this morning. The cicada make sure that I am not late for work. There are also some dragonflies making their way here and there in the video and some birds but none of them can sing as loud as the cicada.

Poetry note:
sumise: (Galacian) ppt of sumir to disappear

My video is at DLive

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horror screams??? damn.....


They are bearable now but in a couple weeks they will be screaming.


They are bearable
Now but in a couple weeks
They will be screaming.

                 - mineopoly

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


What a lovely Haiku you detected. This can really be applied to any situation. It's kind of like a Chinese fortune cookie, you have to add the words "in bed" before they make any sense.

Your poem and description is excellent of the cicada invasion.
Cicada is one thing less we don’t have here.
Dragonflies are not around like they used to be and they are excellent for eating flies and mosquitoes. We need the dragonflies as most bats ( great fly eaters) have died off because of white nose syndrome.


Wow, no cicadas?

That is a really blessed place. I remember in Chicago we got cicadas every seven years or so but in Korea they come back every some and fill the streets with screaming noises. Now it's just a background noise but soon it will be the irritating invasion. I managed to interview one cicada we found in front of the house. That is coming up next. I don't think anyone likes cicada but I'm writing about them and posting videos on summer insects until I get to the airport. I want to remember what I am leaving behind.

That is so sad to hear about the white nose syndrome. I heard of brown nose syndrome but this is a first. Dragonflies and bats are such an essential part of our ecosystem.


That would be hilarious- interviewing a cicada. I’ve never seen one except in photos.
About the white nose syndrome- It has affected millions of bats in North America. It’s a fungal disease first discovered in a single cave in New York in 2007. The fungus grows on the skin tissues of hibernating bats, repeatedly rousing them from hibernation and causing them to consume their winter fat stores and starve to death before spring.

howdy there @mineopoly! I can relate to this post because it seems that all of Texas is being overrun with cicada this year. This is the first we've seen more than a couple. Jack loves to chase them around, I assume they eat smaller insects?
Do they really live underground for 17 years? must be why they look like ancient creatures, I love the sounds they make in the evenings though.


The sound is kind of nice at first, but towards the end of the summer it becomes deadly. Yes they do look like ancient creatures.


becomes deadly!'d think after that length of time that you wouldn't even notice them, like they would turn into background or white noise or something. hey they are everywhere this year, what if you get to Chicago and they're there too? lol