Country Roads, HEAT and The Cool Off!

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What happens when you get hot in the country backwoods of the Ozarks? You get in your pickup, grab all the neighborhood kids and head down the mountain into the valley headed for the creek.

Do you know the difference between a creek and a river? A river runs over a state border. A creek does not. There! You learned something new today at An American Homestead!

How do you stay cool in the summer?

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We have a creek that we swim in when it gets hot.

I wish we had a creek near us, or at least a stream. Cool fact about rivers vs creeks.

Well Zac...since I'm still in the city, for now, I guess I will just turn on the A/C. Although I don't like to use it unless it is really humid! A nice cold creek sounds more refreshing! Oh and no I never thought about the difference, so thanks now I learned something today.

I never knew that about rivers versus creeks. So I guess the Jacks Fork River should really be called Jacks Fork Creek. Interesting! We are about to head down there for a dip ourselves. It's the best way to cool off in the Ozarks!

it's cool, very nice when we take a bath there, and it's great for kids to learn swimming.

Love seeing the kids (even the big ones) having fun and staying cool! Sharing for folks to see just how it is done!

I leaned something new today thank you Zak. I never new the difference. Are there any exceptions. We have several rivers in Michigan that do not cross state lines???