@mashiliyanage is Karate Fighting! A video of me being awesome!

in dlive •  3 months ago


Haha. Just kidding guys. But that how I feel ;)

I promised you guys that I'll post some pics of me wearing my karate uniform. Well, I prepared a whole video! You can see me wearing it (don't worry, I wore clothes underneath XD) and doing some moves like punching and kicking.

Hope you enjoyed it and don't forget to leave a comment below. And if there a karate sensei, please point out my mistakes and sharp my moves!

Thanks for watching! Have a great day!

Osu! (if you know what I mean)

My video is at DLive

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BOOM!!!! That was some powerful Kicks! I was watching on my big screen monitor and I was pretty close - but you made me jump back! :O I thought my face was gonna get rekt! :D

Seriously, great moves and you look very mighty in your Gi. I also like the music you chose, and the motorbike in the background. :)


Waah, really? Wow, I'm so proud. I was afraid that I'm gonna kick the phone again XD

Well, thank you! Yeah, that track is awesome. It is called ''Do you Karate'' by Fight Like Apes. Lol, it is my dad's motorbike. I thought it ruined view ;)
Thanks for your wonderful words!


I found the video for that song; thanks!!! :)

Can I get a ride on your dad's motorbike? :D

I just wanna thank you again for the video! To me, its really cool to see what you're doing in your life. I think you, and your sis, are the only people I know in Sri Lanka, and its awesome to see the things you do in your life. Really, its not that different than what we do here. Maybe we are all brothers and sisters on this Earth. We're from different countries and cultures, but we're all just people trying to live a good life and do the best we can. Just saying I appreciate the stories you post here, and the videos too. Thanks!!! <3


My pleasure. I like that song too :)

I will if you give me a free air ticket to America ^ ^

Hey, I should be the one to thank you guys. I love posting here because you guys are reading and watching them. But I'm really glad to know that you're enjoying them.

Yeah, I'm thinking the same thing. We might be eating different things, talking different languages and might be looking different but we all have the same red blood running through our veins. We all are doing a fight to live tomorrow so we have to move together. I'm really glad that steemit is a bridge that connects us together. I love having friends all around the world, like you :)

And I want to say I'm enjoying your posts too! They are very informative. I'm looking forward to see more. See you around :D