Facebook Announces It Will Just Hide Your Posts.

in dlive •  6 months ago


Jason joins us live with news regarding Facebook and the practice of "hiding posts from people who spam users' news feed with clickbait, sensationalized and misinformative articles". Plus coverage of Jeffrey Epstein, Freedom Of Speech, and much more.

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I don't use FB. Why are you wasting your time? If the good content all leaves these centralized platforms, the lemmings still on there will get the misinformed content they deserve. But by staying on the platform, you can only reward them with the appearance of impartiality.

If everyone like you stopped reporting on those platforms and then the only narrative left is MSM, then eventually people will figure out what they're missing. You're prolonging your own misery by participating.


I agree with @zoidsoft on this one.
But @lukewearechange, if you really want to do something about Facebook censorship then hit them where it hurts by joining the Class Action against Facebook for censoring the Crypto Community

Eventually people will wake up and leave Facebook but they will go down much faster if hit with a $400 Billion in damages and potential criminal charges as well!

You will soon be glad you came to steemit and dlive where you can't be censored.

What can you expect from #FaceBook. I am so glad I have not been there for years. I actually deleted my acc. Nomore for me. #Mastodon #Gab #Minds #Steemit and #Jabber for communication. People need to learn more about them.


So true.
Glad I've never signed up for F-Book.
Not gettin'n carried away with steemit.
Nevertheless, its a wee bit better the F-Book and
that's a major advantage.


You should try Mastodon for social media. The concept is wonderful. :D