Open Your Windows, Open Your Eyes

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I was lucky to catch this beautiful sunset through the window and captured this short clip. I love to share these amazing moments in the hope that it can bring you some joy as it has done for me.

Living in a busy city like Ho Chi Minh (Saigon), it’s still possible to take a few minutes to slow down and enjoy what is around me. Sometimes, I like to stop and stare at the stars at night, watch the moon cross the sky or wait to see how the sunset will look each day. Nature can provide us with some of the most mesmerizing views and feelings when we take time to observe it, like a best friend, there to help us recover from a stressful day.

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. But we can also look out from within through this same window. The one that goes everywhere with us, there is no need for a large window to stop and gaze at what is around us.

I find that when I take time to be mindful and enjoy these small pleasures, I am more positive and clear about my life and where it’s going.

When was the last time you were able to stop and take time to look at the world around you? Did you see that beautiful flower as you walked past, or that joyful smile on a little child's face, the shape of the moon on that special night? I would love to hear your stories of being mindful and taking time to appreciate the world

Thank you for taking time to read this post, I hope you enjoyed it !

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There are few things I love more than taking a nature walk: just enjoying the sight of the trees, birds and animals around me, and breathing in fresh air. That is when I feel really whole and connected. ❤ So much of what you said in this post resonates with me. Thank you.


It's my pleasure! Thank you so much for your sharing @aislingcronin !!

Good post you @livvu


Thank you @arista !!

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Thank you @resteemable !!

Nicely said, as always!
Unfortunately I can’t see Dlive videos but I’ll let you know about my impressions once I solve this technicality. :)


Thank you @fotostef !! I hope you can watch it soon :D


It took me a little longer than I expected but I manged to solve the " technicality", after all :)
Interesting moment the one that you chose to share. Part of your complicated character, I presume...


I am pleased you find it interesting, I love to explore many ideas and concepts. Are we not all complicated when we scratch beneath the surface?

@livvu Stop being a Vape Godess 💨 💨 💨 💨


Lol no nicotine so it's just for fun :D


HAHA I vape 2 tbh.

Theres no fun in no nicotine 😆


lol I just love smoke ;-)