STEEMBLAST - LIVE with @timcliff NOW!!!

in dlive •  3 months ago

Come on over and enjoy the show! We'll be talking with @timcliff about his social media blast campaign, and about SMT's scheduled to launch in January.

My volume was low at the beginning - so be prepared for a volume boost at minute 14!

My live stream is at DLive

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Volume fixes itself at 14min

I can't believe I missed this "Live" , but now watching.


Hey, I'm just glad you are able to snag it, whenever you were able! Hope it was helpful to you!

Yeap, Im watching late as well, but oh well....

...hope it went good!

By the way, really good job with this initiative.

My thanks, since what you're doing influences us all. Cheers


Thanks for watching! I hope it was informative for you.


Thanks for your support!

Thanks for sharing my friend @littlescribe.... Of course, i upvoted, you are awesome, keep steeming.. I am a female pianist and I do piano covers here on dtube. I hope you check out my channel @promisevictor . Since I am relatively new here, will love to HV as a mentor. Love you, you are awesome.


I will definitely check you out! I am a pianist as well! I'm sure not as good as you though.