LOA Club Week 8 - Spirit Science

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A handful of amazing Steem Creators got together to read and discuss books and videos based around the Law of Attraction.

I am a little behind in posting so this comes from our eighth week when we watched the first 10 episodes of Spirit Science on YouTube. It is a condensed explaining of the basics and some advanced techniques, modalities, and concepts of spirituality. Very fascinating!

The group this week is comprised of some amazing human beings that you will be delighted to hear from. First, Carly @ogc, she has been involved and working with personal growth for many years. She has an open mind, an authentic voice, and a unique point of view. Next, Dan Fishman @hypnopreneur. He has practiced expertise on these subjects, a master of NLP, Hypnosis, and self-discovery. He has great insight into what blocks most of us from living the life of your dreams. Lastly, me @larrymorrison, who is also an entrepreneur and helper of humanity. I have been writing and speaking almost exclusively about the Law of Attraction on the Steemit Platform and attempt to make talking about these concepts easy and fun.

During the discussion, we talk about being aware of what we are putting out in the Universe with what is coming out of our mouths, being harmony with nature, loving what is, using law of attraction with others, realizing that we are spiritual and the spirit is helping you manifest. Please join us and listen in

Want to give a special thanks to IJ @steemcafe for putting on the Steem Creators Conference where most of us met.

Please join us for the next conference in Toronto only a few weeks away, steemcreators.com or click the banner below

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My video is at DLive


Thanks for sharing my new friend @ larrymorrison ..... Of course, i upvoted, you are awesome.Good to see talents like you here on steemit. I am a female pianist and i do piano covers you can check my channel out @promisevictor.......keep steeming dear.

Im loving your show so far, the laws of attraction and personal growth is such a great topic, I need to get ready for work, but will for sure watch the rest of this once Im there, it sounds very interesting! ( I work security on the night shift untill 630am, so have plenty of time in between patrols to post and watch videos from Dlive and Steemit). Upped😀👍💕

Thank you @karenmckersie, much appreciated. We really enjoy the discussions each week, I always look forward to it

Your very welcome! on my way to listen to the rest now. thanks!😊😀

I totally agree with the overlapping dimensions ! its like what's happened to me at times where I will be in a place for the first time, but I was totally there before and everything that happens I all ready went through that and know what will happen, like a time warp or something, and i'm reliving it again, its very strange! its like is it perception or is it reality or conciousness!? Which leads me to believe that when we die we don't really die, our spirit goes into this other overlapping dimension or time warp, so to speak. its so complicated and hard to even explain for me. Great show, I really loved it, and its cool to see there's others that kind of see things the same as me. Also the super advanced civilizations of Egypt could have been also built through time warp or dimensions from the future or something, it is very intriguing! ✌👍👌😍upped earlier now resteemed, following you now.

Wow, thank you @larrymorrison I had seen your name featured on @steemcafe's blog but I had no idea that you were teaching the Law of Attraction. I feel like I have a real fellowship now with you, @kenmelendez, @steemcafe and @eventspeaker on Steemit.

I only know you guys through your blog posts, videos and comments but it gives me comfort to read everyone's messages and to see everyone's words and actions done in faith.

I haven't watched this video yet but I will Bluetooth it in my car on the way back home. I am eating dinner with @emaferice and our son at a shopping mall right now.

P.S. I am so happy to be in your company, even as a follower. Have a good day & night! 👍🏼

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