My Computer Crashed - So Here's Take Two - Far Cry 5 Live Stream With

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Last night we didn't manage to have a live stream, my focus was solely on getting my Open Mic judges top 5 post out - and the choice was difficult to say the least, but at the end I just couldn't find the energy to play.

Well luckily for me it's early and I'm free as a bird and keen to get into some Far Cry 5 with, were thinking maybe some arcade mode - but if it isn't cooperating we will probably swap to co-op for a while, or even see if the others are up for some Darwin Project.

I wanted to mention that I intend to use the liquid rewards, from most if not all of my live streams - to go towards some up coming Open Mic projects, more details to come soon :D

Also I am still fairly new to doing live stream and so far I'm having a lot of fun doing them, but I want to hear from people watching - what you like, what you'd like to see more of and what could you do without, we can make this something we all enjoy!

Please consider this my language warning and I hope you enjoy the stream :D

Update: So Far Cry 5 crashed my computer and that of course ended my stream far earlier than I intended, I'm really sorry this has happened and I hope that in time it's only tech issues like this - that interrupt my streams, unlike the other day where I just failed hard and killed my own stream.

But as I said I am learning and this time the game instigated the crash, so I guess that's something - anyways jumping back in and hope it works better this time round!

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Im so sorry everyone, my computer crashed again - this really isn't how I want things to go and not sure if I should make another attempt tonight, with a different game and see how that goes...

Anyway again sorry for this and I will try and figure out why this is happening, at least this time we have an error code to work with.

Leave it to Ubisoft to smash a PC up 😄

Truthfully though, so stoked to try this game. I'm a huge Far Cry fan and they needed a good release after 4 and Primal (ick). Waiting for something to live up to 3's legacy!