Happy 1st Year Birthday in Steemit from "YOU ARE HOPE" family, "STEEM STAR NETWORK", STEEMPH.UAE and FRIENDS! — Steemit

Happy 1st Year Birthday in Steemit from "YOU ARE HOPE" family, "STEEM STAR NETWORK", STEEMPH.UAE and FRIENDS!

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Happy 1st-year Birthday in Steemit @sircork! We made a short video greeting surprise for you! We love you and we appreciate everything you do and we can't tell you that enough how you make us happy and helping other people and the community.

You are one of the best WITNESS I ever met with a big heart... A sweet and very cool person! I can compare you to @surpasinggoogle who's always been there to guide and to understand other peoples need. May God bless you for all the good deeds that you do for all. We are just here to support and to help you.

WITNESS that I know well who help the community:




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SteemPH banner by @deveerei

My video is at DLive

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good job! @donaldd & I was laughing at our vid when we saw that hahaha thanks for including us! c",)

What a lovely video for @sircork ! <3


He is one of the sweetest and a corky person I ever met! LOL

Happiest birthday to @sircork. Great effort to sir kenny and your uae fam.


Let people around the world know who @sircork is... (^_^)

Such an inspiring message from all of you!
Worth the time to watch it! :)


I really like what people said in the video... You can feel it was from their heart and really sincere...

Oh wow you guys, thank you so much!

So many <3's right now!

I am about to cry, and I have to be on the radio with @TimCliff on the Ask @LittleScribe Show in 8 minutes!

This is amazing. Thank you. So. So. Much!


Surprise!!!!! Congratulations @sircork
Great work @kennyroy, you and your video editing magic spells are awesome. Never thought that this will be so awesome in the end. Thanks @kennyroy! Thanks everyone!


This is initiated by you @vishalsingh4997, thanks for your help to gather other videos and to know that this is the day of @sircork! (^_^)


Happy 1st Anniv in Steemit @sircork! Keep up the good job & thanks for sharing your knowledge & time to all of us! c",)


Our simple surprise from the people and friends who love and care for you... (^_^)