Dead Bunny Drawing Cute Halloween (Original Artwork)

in dlive •  3 months ago


This is a dead rabbit coloring page I included in my Halloween Coloring book!
I hope to do coloring books again eventually but I've been too busy lately! This is a repost of my youtube. Where I deleted it and am posting it here instead :)

Note: Artwork in this video and post is mine, All rights reserved.

My video is at DLive

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That is neat how they do the video! Thanks for 'drawing' my attention to it. LOL


Lol! Nice pun hehe! Maybe I can “draw” your attention to other videos later on hehe

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The result was very good, although I think the rabbit looks more tender than frightening. I imagine the whole process has taken time!


Thank you! I think I may need to go with a more scary one later on. I wanted this coloring book to be kid friendly too

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Nice video @kaylinart, Im following your Dlive channel now! 👍


Thank you so much :)

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Naaaaaaaaaw! It's so cute!
And I loved getting to watch you draw it, that was fun!

Very nice work!