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IF you have any suggestion, any proposition of songs you would like me to sing just leave a comment!

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6 : o

hey whats up

it's cool, what up with y?

Hello there! Dang, you can sing! :)

im good im enjoy with your vibes

sound is much better than yesterday :)

ty for for kind words :)

Ahh don't you just hate it when you drop stuff while playing? :D

yeah, the worst that can happend to me :P sorry for that noise!

haha no worries, the noise wasn't that bad :) enjoy your session and I will make sure to look out for your livestreams in the future. Have a good one!

Thanks :)

yep it's working :)

Thanks for watching, see you next time! Bye bye!

the website shows that 3 people are wathing :D

great broadcast :)