Wine Tasting at Bogle!

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For my friend's 40th Birthday, we took her to Bogle Winery. This winery is in Sacramento, and is about a 20 minute drive from my home. It just so happened that Bogle was celebrating 50 years anniversary! It was 50 years ago when they planted their first acres of petite Sirah and Chenin Blanc.


I love visiting this family owned winery. Their wine is very affordable, and their atmosphere is nice and quaint. Outside the tasting room, you can see little grapes growing on the vine. I tried a grape, and it was really sour! I don't think they were ready to be picked.


I hope you enjoy the virtual tour of Bogle from our @dlive video. Thanks for watching.

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My video is at DLive

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Cheers! :-)


Aww happy to see you in my blog! I miss you!

This was a very nice idea and I am sure that she enjoyed your surprise. Happy Birthday to your friend :)


aww thanks! :) the big 4 0!

Now thats one cool floppy hat! Ps steem steemit chat

Ha ha the wine tastes like vinegar that is hard to drink for me. I might as well juice the grapes, yum @karensuestudios

Is it just a custom to shake wine before tasting or does it effects the taste???


It’s suppose to air it... but I’m not a wine expert! Lol

The song you used in this video is really beautiful. What is it called? I want to add it to my playlist! :D lmao, you really love your wine!

"Does it taste like crayons???" x'DDDD that's a lot of tastings


ahahah! It's just an Imovie free song :)