Korea DVLOG#4 - Paying for things at my friend's shop in Korea with SBD!

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NOT a double-post. Well, kind of is...

I wanted to see for my self what can happen when posting on two different platforms. No intention to "alienate" my "audience". @dlive crowd is a very specific one and I'm not sure if pre-recorded videos is something that people are interested in browsing/watching and curating. The upload time to D.Live is SIGNIFICANTLY faster than that of @dtube - more compression to the video? Dlive allows for many more tags - another plus. I also wanted to see the difference in playback speed and quality. So please forgive me if this looks sketchy on my behalf and I apologize for draining your voting power, if at all :D Thanks and enjoy the historical moment in this video my dear D-livers!

I convinced my friend to start accepting SBD at his shop!

In this #DVLOG I introduce my friend to https://steempay.co and we perform our first transaction! We were both blown away by how fast everything happened. Visa wishes it was this fast! Thanks to @asbear and his incredibly easy-to-use SBD payment system, my friend was able to issue an invoice so I could pay with SBD - it was faster than taking cash out of a traditional wallet! The payment went directly to his exchange wallet where he liquidated his SBD directly to a KRW pair...wow! And the setup took us less than 10 seconds.


Thanks @asbear for steempay.co and all the other devs of similar apps that allow us to pay for sh!t using SBD! He deserves to be voted for witness > please go here and vote for @asbear witness. Steem on guys! (̶◉͛‿◉̶)

Send me a voice message! Your wishes and shout outs mean a lot!




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My video is at DLive

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Woow this is great paying things with steem or sbd. I wish more people and different businesses can accept this. We are going to enjoy the service. Thank a lot @kaliju


@bmotives I wish so too man, but it's up to the free market what they do with it now 🙄

I've already watched this video on DTUBE but great to see that you are uploading this and showcasing the dedication towards Dlive. Keep up brother hopefully this tutorial can make many peoples lives easy. Stay blessed. 🙂


it's worth watching it twice :P thanks man, I hope I can pay for things daily here in a couple of years...


Yes, possibly it can happen soon. Good luck and enjoy. 🙂

that's a good thing ..... we should get more benefit from technology and hence by doing such things we can promote and grow steemit more effectively.

shit i love this! it's cool you made friends with 편의점사장님.
your friend didn't seem too interested at first but when he saw the payment his face lit up. priceless.


He had so many questions afterwards and was like this is the coolest shit ever haha


i just googled and navered. there aren't many but i'm sure there'll be more soon. the kr community is booming right now 👍


@roundbeargames We should start one then 😀👍

saludo amigo me párese fenomenal, eso es lo del futuro y tenemos que aprender ya, saludo le deseo mucho éxito.