「Wonderful Central Asia」Into the Kazakhstan Pavillion of Astana Expo in 2017

in dlive •  10 months ago

Expo 2017 has made the young city of Astana well known around the world. I was planning to visit the Expo last year but somehow (too busy Steemit?) didn't make it. Luckily after the Expo they removed all the other pavillions but not the Kazakh national Pavillion, which is well remained. The theme of Expo 2017 was future energy. The expo center itself is a futuristic ball shaped building. How amazing! I was extremely fascinated by its architecture, I'll share more details about its architectural design soon. Now time to follow me inside Astana Expo center.


My video is at DLive

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The exhibit was so futuristic. I went to an EXPO when I was a child. An amazing way to spend a few days for sure. Loved this vid, Joy:)

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Thank you to take us as part of you visit.....Hopefully, your visit will be great.

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