「Joy the Shepherd」Welcome to my coolest home in remote Köl Suu region

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The shepherd family in Köl Suu offered an old train house for us to stay. The driver from Kubat tours in Naryn told me this kind of old-train-made “houses” are popular for people who constantly need to move. I remember seeing it in a documentary about Kyrgyzstan where the workers at the Kyrgyz-Chinese border had to live in one of these.

It is of course extremely simple, with two seperate rooms, and there are only beds and a fireplace inside. When squeezed, it can house up to 6 people. Kyrgyzstan is famous for its honey products, it is said that they have the best honey in the world. Even in a cold place like this, at night I could still hear some bees and flies flying around. Luckily I was tired enough to fall asleep immediately regardless.

Because of its narrow space, it is much easier to heat up than a normal yurt, which makes it more used in the winter or in a cold and remote alpine area like Köl Suu.

Interesting to me is that the steps to the door of the house are made of huge tires, I had never seen this before.

If you are interested, feel free to check out my DLive video where I made a tour inside the house.


In the background is the house of the shepherd family.

Pure happiness :)

Further behind that other remote train house is the ‘toilet’... It was a bit scary to use...

Home for the night.

A close up look.

It looks like this inside.

For more details, check out my DLive

Location: !steemitworldmap 40.634776 lat 76.379792 long d3scr



在上一篇,我提到了在Köl Suu住在牧民的移动火车房里面。再来吉尔吉斯斯坦旅行,以前我看过一个纪录片,是在中吉边境拍的。在边境附近,一些工人就是住在这样的移动火车房里面。当时看的时候我觉得条件很辛苦,没有想到这次来旅行,竟然有机会体验这个。

事实上,在吉尔吉斯公路边上经常可以看到这样的旧火车房。载我去Köl Suu的司机告诉我,由于方便移动在吉尔吉斯全国到处可以看到,有的火车房用做小卖部有的用作餐厅,有的用做客房,就像我们住的这个。其实当我在路边看到它们时,我也很好奇,再冷的地方或者是高原地区住这个会不会冷?司机告诉我,其实这样的火车房反而在山区,或者是冬天的时候长被用到。一大原因是火车房空间狭小,比毡房方便制暖。也解释了,为什么现在这段时间在吉尔吉斯斯坦看到的火车房要比毡房多很多。



我的 DLive

Joy is a half-time world traveller, half-time Steemit blogger, based in Belgium.

You are welcome to leave any comments below. :P

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Very modest accommodations, Joy. But dry and warm. So that is good:) And it sure is a rare traveling experience:)

im your avid fan @joythewanderer looking forward to meet you in person.^^


Hey :) nice to see you here Pinay. Let’s meet in SteemFest then?


Where and when that steemfest?


It hasn’t be announced yet for this year. You can follow @roelandp He’s the organiser :)


ok,^^ will do so.^^

I like the outside more than the inside ...


Hi @joythewanderer I love that accomodation, quite cozy and simple and a bit interesting since it is a mobile home for those who wanted to travel and not settle down.

哇,那个厕所离开房子那么远,半夜人有尿急也不敢冒然跑出去 O.o


Very impressed with your travels, enjoy Joy! very unique destinations

very beautiful place and seem so cold over there take care. thanks for sharing =)

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I love traveling a lot
A truly wonderful home that makes you live in more than one place and meet a lot of people
Well done publishing