Get a Free Pano Video at Brussels Grand Place this summer!

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This summer, they set 3 big camera's on Brussel's beautiful Grand Place square. If you want, you can get a free pano photo/video here. All you need to do is to smile at the camera. Grand place is huge, make sure you spot the camera at the other side of the square. I tried it out for the first time and thought it was a fun experience!

Share my experience here. If you'll come to Brussels this summer, let me know, we can make the picture again here. I'd like to do it again.

Thanks for watching, up me if you find it interesting too! <3 <3 <3


Location: !steemitworldmap 50.846859 lat 4.352052 long d3scr

Joy is a half-time world traveller, half-time Steemit blogger, based in Belgium.

You are welcome to leave any comments below. :P

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My video is at DLive

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I would also like to go to Brussels @joythewanderer only if I were just an able man. But enjoy your country, one of the best in the world.


Thanks for your kind words always, cryptopie. I really wish you recover soon, there's always miracle! All the best for you!

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你好!听说有才的人都去参加 “三个一” 活动了呢,你要不要去耍耍?倘若你不喜欢我的留言,请回复“取消”。

I love you

Very cool! I love Brussels! There is always something going on there and the architecture is amazing.

Smiling at the camera should be easy enough. Now, to get to Brussels!


Thanks dswigle. Glad to hear you love Brussels, come back some time!





拭目以待吧 :)

i want to come there.. will u guide me

That's a great idea but can you get the building in the background as well as I noticed it was just yourself which sort of makes it like a normal selfie


That's what I bought about the selfie. It turned out to be a video like this lol



我也觉得啊 太有意思了!哈哈!