Loved watching and sounds like you gained another fan there! Check mark 11:06, looks like a trail from object but could be from movement of Yukon. Mark 11:51 from top is a fast moving object..starts slow then seems to pick up speed..could be me but would love to hear your thoughts!

Initially I thought it was a satellite, hmmmm who knows. That's why I love doing these :')

Omg I just watched this video. I thought it didn't record from the mic. Thats too funny. It was kids that came over last night. They went in the back yard not knowing I was there. And the one girl thought what I was doing was totally awesome. She later ask me to let her see my past posts. Perhaps a future steemian. Hehe

Lol..I thought it was great and it is awesome! So awesome that you have a new young fan who thinks it's pretty cool also!! xoxo

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