Another beautiful star watchin night. This time something grand has to happen :)

in #dlive5 years ago


Using my Yukon Ranger RT night vision goggles.

Last time I was attacked my hordes of misquotes and dlive was giving me a hard time. Hopefully all will be better on this try.

Again if people are interested, I can setup by the grave yard for some spooky adventures...

Thanks for watching....

My live stream is at DLive


Wow, right off the bat, great things happened. Then near the end of the video the show even got better. I hope you get what you paid for :)

Thanks guys who tuned in. Cheers

Cool!!! Dude. It's like fishing. You throw the camera in the sky and wait for the bites.

Its cool when it is live on dlive. Love catching the strange stuff. The persiad meteor show soon will be awesome :) thanks for dropping by...

Ha called me weird and I guess I am! I've spent quite a few evenings inside cemeteries when I was ghost hunting..had permission of course and I really miss it. So you know I would love that. I didn't catch this live but it recorded nicely and I could hear you fine. Check at 20:48 in lower right, there is a bright spot flying by..probably a satellite. It was when you were checking the phone. I love the intention idea and have heard of that too. If you give me a time and date then I'll try to be available cause you know I love this stuff!! Great job @johnnycopper1!! ❤

For anyone who cares I'll be doing a live stream on dlive tonight 7/19 at 930pm est. I'll be using my nvg to scan the skys for stranger happenings above us. 👽👽👽

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