Nvg sky watching for strangness

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Last nights live stream was so successful I decided to do another one tonight. I hope we get more action with a help of a few friends that is willing to send good intentions. Now lets have some fun.
Thanks for dropping by...

My live stream is at DLive


Dlive is glitching out again, please be patient... Thanks

Dlive is down ill record my stuff and post it later. Im so embarrassed... Fking tech. I went to their disxord and its all phucked.... Ok ill stork my recording on my device and upload it later. Again sorry...

That's okay..it happens and maybe we will still catch something on the recording. The intentions were still sent out so, hopefully, we will get something! xoxo

Thanks for supporting my crazy ideas. Guess the universe was working against me tonight... Lol

You're welcome and don't be so hard on yourself. It will still be great to watch on dtube or wherever!! ❤

Thanks my friend. I vent on their discord and now they fix the problem. A little to late 😢 they were understanding.... But, looked forward all day for this and it was gonna be so fun. Oh well next time.

So disappointed with the dlive serverz at this point. I really had a good show lined up for you guys..... Ill try on another clear day I guess.... Im so sorry guys. I did get a few cool things, but nothing too powerful, not like last nite. Go check it if you didn't yet.

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