Let's try this again! Answering Your STEEMIT Questions!

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Hey guys!

I am LIVE on DLIVE and happy to answer your questions! Drop them below! I am also answering questions from our steemit course! Enroll today for more steemit videos!


My live stream is at DLive


Hello @joeparys .I have two questions
1.How do you earn steem on the platform?
2.what are the ways to increase your reputation score?

Is there any chance for steem or sbd price go up as 7usd?Thanks for the post.

Well @joeparys...
My question is actually due to variois complains from new and frustrated steemains and from personal experiences over the last one week...
Writting good posts and getting low payouts is an order of the day and it can be really depressing..
If not for my love for steem and the community, i might have given up.
So my question is..

Does good content not matter anymore?

Hi Alison. You are 100 percent correct with what you are saying. I personally look for interesting posts to read and upvote only if it's worthwhile. I think I am in the minority as most of what I have seen only upvote their own posts. I hope I am wrong but that is what I have seen over the last few months.

Have been thinking on what might have happened to caused this over the last few weeks ,so i came to one conclusion that most of the whale are now delegating their sp to the bots and that's why all these happening but some people are still upvoting good and quality post

Well i write great stuff and get low payouts, how do you explain that?

Hi Joe. My question is how authors go from making $2 per post to $100 per post. I notice most of the larger accounts will be making posts and only getting a few dollars, then all of a sudden they will be doing $50+ out of nowhere. I thought it may be that the authors finally got to the place in their account where they can effectively use bots - or they leased a bunch of steam power. But is that what it is? Something I've just noticed as a pattern for high paid authors. It's like they do great overnight and then consistently thereafter. So how are people improving their payouts, even though it seems their content hasn't changed much over time.

My question is simple, I have seen a lot of these big wigs in steemit say "worthwhile and interesting" about post, what is WORTHWHILE and INTERESTING in a post?

I suppose whatever is interesting to you.

very good thank

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Hi Joe. Have one question for now. Why can't passwords be retrieved. I did something stupid and locked myself out saving my old password and deleting the new one i was given. Very dumb I know. If that happens and your account is lost forever but can prove its you then why can't you at least keep your reputation score Why must one start from scratch. Forget the money etc but reputation score means more on this site as it helps with your voting power.

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